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updated 9-17-14
On this page we will try to keep you updated on things going on in the farm toy business from our perspective.  

Please note, we have a new link that you can click on and get our entire price list. Link in table is Complete Price List or Check it out right from here: Complete price list.

We have many new 1/64 planters in stock - ready to ship - they include the Kinze 4900 16 row planter, JD 4 row, 6 row, 8 row, 12 row, and 24 row and the C-IH 12, 16 and 24 row - they are all nice planters.   Also the new Authentic series tractors in both Case-IH and John Deere are selling very well.  The Authentic Series in John Deere and Case-IH continue to be very popular.  They started with the John Deere 8530 tractor, then the 4930 Sprayer, the S-690 Combine, and then the 4450 row crop and front assist tractors.  The Case-IH started with the 7088 combine, then the 6088 combine, the Steiger 450 w/duals, the 7140, and the 350 row track.  The Case 1170's came out in April as Authentic #6 for Case-IH.

We have a lot of new wagons in stock including the Killbros, Brent Avalanche, Unverferth, and Kinzes.  Check them out on the miscellaneous 1/64 page link.  All of our custom discs have continued to be popular and our other custom items are hot right now.    Check them out on our custom toys page link.

Many new 1/64 toys have been announced by Ertl and Spec Cast - see our new page link for all the new items.   There will be a lot of new toys available in 2014 and 2015, many of which are limited runs.

Gold, Gun Metal, Chrome/Silver, and Black Stealth units of tractors and combines in any scale have become very collectible and highly sought after pieces.

12 Tips for Collecting:

1. Collect whatever you want.

2. Collecting is for fun, enjoy it.

3. It's your money - buy what interests you.

4. Most all farm toy dealers will treat you fairly - listen to their advice - ask questions.

5. Prices on toys vary because of condition: rough, good, repaint, mint, and new in the package/box.

6. Know the difference between originals, customs, repaints, and reproductions (Find out who built the toy).

7. Investment should not be the main reason for collecting farm toys (in most cases).

8. Most farm toys hold their value - some go up and some go down.

9. Farm toys left in their original packages will always have more value.

10. Farm toy auctions set a value for pricing many toys - attend some farm toy auctions.

11. Check farm toy web sites. Look at eBay, but be careful.

12. The farm toy world is a great bunch of people - attend some farm toy shows and meet them.


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